Is the FBI setting a trend with online freedom of information requests?

FBI LogoThe Federal Bureau Investigation has been widely criticized for how it handles freedom of information requests, but Federal Computer Week reports that the FBI is taking steps to change that. FBI record requests are going digital and the agency has revamped its FOI guides. J. Edgar Hoover would not be happy about this. Not one bit.

People can now submit Freedom of Information Act requests to the FBI electronically through a new eFOIA form.

The FBI said the new electronic form makes requesting information easier. The bureau said it revamped its records Web site to include a guide for research in FBI Records, details on what happens after you make a request and data on how to file an appeal with the Justice Department.

Although these requests are governed by the federal Freedom of Information Act, you should expect to see similar developments in Connecticut over the next decade with requesters increasingly starting their research on the internet and with electronic records become the norm.

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