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2009 March 10
by Attorney Mark Dumas

Do you Twitter? Barak Obama does. So does Jodi Rell. And of course, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal uses Twitter too.

It seems like everyone is using Twitter these days. It may just be this year’s internet craze or it may be the next email or instant messenger. Either way, it is worth learning more. Attorney Daniel Schwartz, an employment defense lawyer at Pullman & Comley, has written a lot about Twitter. Here’s what he had to say in a recent post on his Connecticut Employment Law Blog.

Twitter is the next BIG thing that employers somehow need to worry about — right after blogs and online social networking, of course. Indeed, a headline not too long ago from the National Law Journal screamed: “Beware: Your ‘Tweet’ on Twitter could be trouble”.

But here’s the thing. I’ve actually been using Twitter since late last year. (You can find me on Twitter here or, if you’re already using Twitter, under the name “@danielschwartz”) And so far, I think the alarms that are being raised by some employment lawyers (particularly those who have never used the service) are overblown. Twitter can, for example, be a great marketing device and a novel communications tool.

Attorney Schwartz also pointed out some excellent articles for Twitter novices, including articles by the New York Times’ David Pogue and blogger Darren Rowse.

Yes, you can find me on Twitter too (@attymarkdumas), but I am not nearly as prolific as Attorney Schwartz (at least not yet!).

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